Building A Spiritual Atmosphere Of Faith

You do not need to know a lot but you just need to be willing to respond to the Holy Spirit.
It is not complicated, we just need to say YES to God.
We cannot be worried about what people think. Rather we should be concerned about what God thinks.
When you follow Jesus, you cannot be passive.
You have to open to God in order to change.

A powerful spiritual atmosphere is seen in 2 Chronicles 5:12-14.
In a strong spiritual atmosphere, they cannot do what they wanted to do (1 Samuel 19:19-21).
What is common in these two situation is that there is a strong atmosphere when God was present (such that people changed radically).
People did something to make God’s presence move.
People have a vital part in developing the atmosphere to allow God to move around. People seek God and so God moved around them.
A reasonable but false thinking is the belief that if God wants to do something, He will do it.
He will do what He wants to do, then the rest is up to us.

God’s plan for us is to be a representative of God and bring heaven into earth, and to change the world, and not to get saved and go to heaven but rather it is to change the world.
People have to speak out and know very well what they are representing.

An atmosphere is created by something. We cannot see it but we can feel it and it affects us.
Spiritual atmosphere is a spiritual environment we live in, created by the presence of the spirit living around us.
We are constantly living in a spiritual atmosphere.
We can make room for God to come or we will end up having spirits.
Jesus could not do miracles in His own town due to the strong spirit of unbelief (Mark 6:1-6).
Where did this spirit come from? Familiarity towards Jesus.
However the situation is different as seen in Mark 6:53-56.
It is the same Jesus, but in different places.
Atmosphere created by the people was the main difference in the two situations.
Unbelief is a spirit. It stops you from experiencing with God. Faith is the key.
What atmosphere you carry around can be felt by the people around you.
We are called to bring the atmosphere of heaven wherever we go, i.e. bring God everywhere we go.

When the spirit and soul is wounded, the body tend to be physically sick.
The soul is the gateway between the spirit and the body.
Spirit — Soul — Body
The soul can remember things from experiences.
God speaks to us through the intuitive part of our mind (Hebrews 5:14).
You do not have to try to be spiritual. If so, you will end up being very religious which is weird.


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